The Deals

Where do you find the deals?

Our 2 main sources currently are bookme.com.au and booking.com both have affiliate programs we are registered with

I followed the link but the deal was at a different price

We update our deals on a weekly basis. The advertised price we show is for the cheapest deal, however, we can not guarantee these are available every day. With the tour and activities, most operators give multiple discounts like this
eg  RRP $100
2 tickets at 50% off
4 tickets at 30% off
8 tickets at 20% off
You will need to check your dates to find the best deals
Eg Accommodation a lot of the deals are given out in the quiet times , so check dates first and find your deals 

Prices are so cheap are these legit booking websites?

Yes and Yes! Bookme.com.au is the sister site of Bookme.co.nz which is New Zealand’s largest travel website. On Book me, the tour operator loads their own deals! that’s right, the tour operators are in charge of what prices these tickets sell for.
Always remember they do not of their largest deal for every ticket (or they would go broke) what they are trying to do is sell the first few or last few tickets cheaper and fill their tour or experience.

With Booking.com the operator can drop their price and sell cheaper rooms or Booking.com can cut their commission as well.

Both these websites we use as an affiliate are large credible websites that operators trust.

Why do some operators offer deals and not others ? (the tour i want is not on your website)

Ok, this is a political question and I want to answer this honestly.

Only some operators will offer deals direct to the public

Some operators will offer deals (higher commission) to travel agents to sell their tour (at full price)

I assure you we are not a travel agent taking 25% commission and selling at full price, we are a referer who gets paid a small commission under 5% if and only if you book a  discounted tour/activity or accommodation.

As we think the cost of a Whitsunday tour or activity should be cheaper and the operator gets more money, we will only refer to low commission websites allowing operators to discount and fill their product.


Who can i talk to about the deal ?

Our advice is to talk directly to the operator, they can answer the questions honestly and will know about the deals as they have loaded them!

The Whitsundays

Where is the Whitsundays?

The Whitsunday region is located on the central east coast of Queensland, Australia. approximately. 625km south of Cairns and 1100km north of Brisbane.

Here is a link to the Whitsundays on Google Maps 

Where is Whitehaven Beach?

Whitehaven Beach is located on the southeast side of Whitsunday Island

You can only access this beach by water plane, helicopter or boat

North End is Hill Inlet Lookout

At the other end is the new South Whitehaven Lookout 

What is the best time to holiday in the Whitsundays?

The best month is normally September but anywhere from July to November is great weather, summer months can be great but if it’s a rainy season, it’s very wet and hot.

Are their dangerous jellyfish in the Whitsunday?

short answer yes there are, to name 2 there are Box and Irukandji Jellyfish, these are more relevant from November To April.

the best way to protect yourself is wearing a stinger suit or wetsuit, these are normally supplied on any tour. Think of these as seat belts in cars, if something happened they will save your life 

What about Sharks and Crocodiles?

Sharks live all over the Great Barrier Reef and you will certainly find them in the Whitsundays, but by staying shark smart you will still have a great safe time, just remember it’s their home and respect what your tour guides tell you, for more shark safety information see here 

Crocodiles do inhabit the rivers and creeks around North Queensland but is very rare to see them out in the islands or reefs, this doesn’t mean they do not go there but its rare. you will mainly find them up the Proserpine river or close to creek mouths on the mainland, for more Crocodile safety information see here